December 30, 2007

My Beautiful Fur Babies


Elizabeth said...

Hi there, I just found your blog via a post of yours on Split Coast Stampers - with a blog name like that how could I resist!! I have 2 cats - both Russian blues. Mine are aged 12 and 14.

Your Jacque looks like a Russian blue - the eyes, ears, colouring & markings and the prominent whisker pads all match. He and his littermate must have had very different fathers:o

Your cats and cards are all beautiful - keep posting and keep up the good work, especially with welcoming new cats into you family.

Anonymous said...

Toni is dying to come and see all your kitties.
They are too cute.
You are a great mommy and Jimmy is a great daddy. I cannot pick a favorite picture out of all of these pics b/c they are all too cute.
The Sharp Fam

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